Diamond Mine Slots

Diamond Mine Slots is an easy-to-understand, classic slot machine title from the casino betting software developer Realtime Gaming (RTG). This bonus feature free reel spinner lets you make quick spins and potential wins with the help of its three reels, one pay line, and five classic fruit machine style symbols. Read the casino game information below to discover what types of winning combinations you can make by playing Diamond Mine Slots on virtual gambling platforms.

Symbols to Make Profitable Wins From in This Casino Slot Machine Game

This game's symbols will look familiar if you have any experience playing old-school fruit machines at land-based casinos and bars. The reel symbols you can make wins from in this game are the red seven, the dollar sign, the red-colored single bar, the purple-colored double bar, and the diamond. These symbols are all non-feature icons, and the game has no scatter and wild feature logos that trigger a bonus game element. You need to land these Diamond Mine Slots symbols on the game's single pay line to trigger the wins on display at the paytable that sits above the three-reel grid. You can land one, two, or three diamonds on the reels to trigger wins, and there is also an option to release a prize with a three-piece combination of the two available bar logos. The three remaining symbols need to land in combinations of three on the pay line to trigger a win. If you are playing this game with real money and your budget allows it, always try to make bets with three coins because that will grant you the most significant casino credit rewards. The dollar symbol can offer you the game's jackpot reward when you spin it on the reels in a three-piece combination with a three-coin bet. The lucrative jackpot reward you will then receive is 2,500 casino credits.

Play Diamond Mine Slots, in Real Money, Free, or Mobile-Friendly Mode

If you desire to play and make real money wins with Diamond Mine Slots, you have to visit an online casino platform that runs on the prominent betting entertainment software from Realtime Gaming. Alternatively, you can also spin the classic style reels of this virtual fruit machine in free mode with fun credits from the casino, or you can enjoy it in mobile-friendly game mode at various RTG-powered gambling websites.