Ape King Slots

With a max bet of $20 per spin, Ape King slots doesn't require much cash if you want to wager the most. You can go much lower if $20 is too high for your liking. For that, there's an epic Jungle Battle bonus round where you can win prizes of up to 50,000x. Here are a few details worth noting:

  • Slot game developer - RTG
  • Slot game theme - Animal, monkeys, jungle
  • Slot game type - 5 reels, 243 ways to win bonus slot
  • Bonus features - Free spins and Jungle Battle bonus round
  • Betting options - 1 penny to 50 cents, fixed bet of up to $20
  • Slot game RTP - Unknown

How the Jungle Battle Bonus Round Works

It's the Jungle Battle bonus round that we find so pleasing, so we have to start with that. Four or more treasure pot scatters trigger the free spins bonus. The feature also triggers randomly. With two ways to win free spins, you never know when the Ape King will head into battle.

You don't get a specific number of free spins. There's a space a the top of the reels. Each spin that has the gorilla triggers the Jungle Battle. Monkeys appearing on the reels with the gorilla are sent to the top bar and assigned a payout. Prizes are as follows:

  • Mandrill - 10 to 130x
  • Bonobo chimp - 15 to 1,750x
  • Orangutan - 20 to 18,500x
  • Chimpanzee - 30 to 50,000x

The gorilla also is added to the bar in the leftmost position. He defeats the cluster of monkeys immediately on his right. If you get multiple gorillas, each one takes out a group of monkeys. The Jungle Battle has two outcomes. One, the gorilla defeats all of the monkeys on the bar. The other option is that the monkeys fill that bar and push the gorilla off the reels. Either outcome ends the free spins.

How the Ape King Paytable Looks

The treasure pot scatter does trigger the Jungle Battle bonus, but there's also a prize assigned to two or three scatters. Win 50x with two scatters or 275x with three of them. In the main game, the treasure pot scatter acts as a wild symbol for the gorilla. In free spins, the treasure pot acts as a wild for all symbols.

The monkeys offer a prize with two or more matches.

  • Mandrill - 10 to 750 coins
  • Bonobo chimpanzee (green background) or Orangutan - 10 to 1,000 coins
  • Chimpanzee (red background) - 10 to 1,500 coins
  • Gorilla - 25 to 2,500 coins

All other poker symbols need three or more matches.

  • 9 and 10 - 10 to 90 coins
  • Jack and Queen - 12 to 50 coins
  • King and Ace - 20 to 200 coins

It's possible to win as much as 1,666 times your bet in the normal game. How much will you win? It all comes down to luck. Play Ape King slots and see what happens.