Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots is a classic, straightforward virtual fruit machine from casino software producer Realtime Gaming (RTG). Since this game is a follow-up slot to the original Diamond Mine Slots and has the word "deluxe in its title, RTG has given it higher payout rewards and some bonus element juice to differentiate it from its predecessor. Read the Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots review article to gain more insights about the types of casino credit prizes you can win by spinning the game's three reels and landing symbol combinations on its single active pay lines.

Make Use of the Special 2X Reel Attribute to Increase Your Profits

If you want to get the most out of playing this slot machine game, you need to spin the 2X symbol on the reels, preferably while playing with a three-coin bet. The 2X icon acts as the game's wild symbol that can match any other reel attribute on the pay line so that you can complete winning symbol combinations that deliver juicy rewards. When the 2X logo takes part in such a winning combination, it will double your casino credit prize. When two of the slot reel characters in your winning combination are a 2X wild logo, you will even receive four times the win that results from the symbol combination.

You will not receive a four times win multiplier when you land three 2X wild icons on the Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots reels. Still, that combination does results in a nice payout depending on the number of coins you are betting with while making the combination. With a one-coin bet, three 2X wild symbols on the pay line will grant you a prize of 800 casino credits, and with a two-coin wager, you will already receive 1600 casino credits. Lastly, you can win the game's paytable jackpot reward of no less than 3000 casino credits when you spin three 2X symbols on the reels while playing with three coins.

Non-Feature Symbols You Can Make Wins With While Playing This Game

Besides the 2X wild icon, you can make non-feature wins with classic fruit machine symbols. These familiar-looking reel attributes are the red seven, the double and triple bar symbols, and the cherry icon that also pays out if you only spin it on the reels as a single icon. Again, always try to make bets with three coins to receive the best wins these symbols can give you. You can conveniently see all the casino credit wins you can make at the paytable that sits above the three slot reels.

Try Out Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots in Various Modes at RTG Casinos

Suppose you have some coins and time to spare and like to have some uncomplicated reel spinning fun, resulting in a casino credit rewarding experience. In that case, you should give Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots a try at RTG casino websites that let you play this game with real money. Alternatively, you can also play this old-school-style slot machine game in free demo mode or as a mobile-friendly version at many of those casinos.