Hairway To Heaven Slots

Hairway To Heaven Slots is a fairytale-style slot that lets you land symbol combinations on a standard, five-by-three reel grid. While spinning for fun and profits in this game, you can enjoy various bonus features that hand out win multipliers, free spins, and even multiple jackpot prizes. Read the Hairway To Heaven Slots review below to learn more about this lighthearted and rewarding reel spinner from software developer Realtime Gaming (RTG).

Complete Symbol Combinations and Double Wins with the Expanding Wild

In this slot, the lovely princess acts as your symbol substituting (wild) icon. She can only show up on slot reel three while standard game rounds are in play. She can replace every reel attribute in combinations, except for the prince scatter logo, as a wild symbol. This symbol replacement feature is beneficial because it allows you to complete casino credit triggering wins with successful combinations. What's more, you also receive doubled wins when at least one princess wild symbol is part of a successful standard game symbol combination. Lastly, any appearing princess symbol also expands to cover every position on her reel. This symbol expansion occurs before you receive any payout.

A Charming Prince Will Be Your Feature Trigger in This Game

Besides the princess, you should also pay close attention to the handsome prince in this slot title as this royal will not only give you scatter pays, but he is also able to launch a pick feature that allows you to select one of three free spins bonus rounds. To start this pick feature, you need to land a minimum of three scatter icons on the reel grid during a spinning game.

What to Expect When You Play the Princess Pays Bonus Round

One of the free spins bonus rounds you can select is the Princess Pays feature. This feature will give you a total of ten free spins to play with, and it triples your pays when you make win triggering symbol combinations that include the wild princess. Also, you receive one additional free spin when the princess lands on slot reel three during the bonus round. Lastly, you cannot re-trigger this feature, and you need to play with the same active pay lines and bet value as from the bonus round triggering game.

What to Expect When You Play the Hairway to Heaven Bonus Round

The second free spins bonus round you can pick is the Hairway to Heaven feature. You will receive 5, 7, 10, 15, or even 20 free spins during this feature. While this feature is in play, the princess symbol will cover slot reel three. You will also receive a prize multiplier perk that matches the number of free spins. Wins will receive a one-time multiplier during the first free spin, a two times multiplier during the second free spin, a three times multiplier during the third free game, and so on. It is not possible to win any extra free spins during this bonus round. Also, you need to play your free games with the same bet value and active pay lines as from the bonus round triggering spin.

What to Expect When You Play the Damsels in Distress Bonus Round

As a third bonus round option, you have access to the Damsels in Distress feature. When this feature comes into play, you will receive eight free games, and the wild princess shows up on slot reels two, three, and four. When three or more scatter prince logos show up left to right on the reel grid during your free spins session, you will receive an additional prize of eight free spins. Free spins in this round will have the same bet value and active pay lines as the spin that triggered the bonus feature.

Trigger Potentially Massive Progressive Jackpot Wins

To make things even better in this feature-rich slot title, you also have the option to win not one but two massive progressive jackpot rewards. These two rewards are the minor and the major jackpots. Due to these jackpots being progressives that grow in value over time due to the wager percentage contributions from real money Hairway To Heaven Slots players, you can win significant amounts of money when they drop. You can see these two jackpots' current values by looking at their displays on top of the game grid.

Play This Slot at Casinos That Run on the Betting Software from RTG

If you want to play this casino slot machine title at casino platforms that run on the entertainment software from Realtime Gaming, you have three options. Firstly, you can always play Hairway To Heaven Slots with real money to make wins at these casinos, or you can choose to play for free in fun mode. If you choose the free option, the casino that offers this gaming service will give you fun credits that you can use indefinitely. The third way to enjoy this joyful casino game is via your smartphone or any other mobile device.