Pulsar Slots

Space-the final frontier. Pulsar Slots embodies this quote from Star Trek. Although there are no wilds or scatters in this game, it does include such unique features as the Cascading Wins Feature, the Neutron Stars Feature, and the Neutron Stars Feature Blast Patterns.

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

Real-Time Gaming is the provider.

Can I Play This Game in the Demo Mode?

You can play in Demo Mode at Casino Slotastic.

What is the Theme of this Game?

Pulsar is a Space theme-based slot.

What Type of Slot Game is Pulsar Slots?

Pulsar Slots is a 5-reel bonus video slot.

How Many Paylines Are There?

Pulsar Slots has 20 pay lines.

What Are the Betting Options?

The betting starts with one cent and goes as high as 25 cents. The max bet per spin is $5. The maximum win per paid spin is 50,000xs the bet per line.

Does Pulsar Slots have a Bonus Game and Free Spins?

  • There are three bonus features in this game, but no free spins.
  • Cascading Wins Feature
  • The Cascading Wins feature occurs when winning combinations results from the symbols falling into the spaces left empty by symbols removed from paid winning combinations or as a result of a Neutron Star Explosion.
  • The Neutron Stars Feature
  • There are four different Neutron Stars in this game. They can appear in any position during any spin or as a result of a cascading win. When a Neutron Star appears, it starts with a randomly assigned number from three to one and will count down to zero by increments of one for each subsequent spin or as a result of a cascading win. When the Neutron Star reaches zero, it will explode. A Neutron Star will remain on the same reel until it either explodes or is affected by an overlapping blast from another exploding Neutron Star.
  • Neutron Star Features Blast Patterns
  • Each Neutron Star has the Blast Pattern that will affect certain symbols around it. The stars that are Green will explode from left to right; stars that are Blue will explode up and down; stars that are Pink will explode at adjacent sides; stars that are Red will explode at the adjacent corners.

Where is the Paytable?

Click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom left of the slot. Then tap on the small I to access the 7-page paytable.

Can I Play Pulsar Slots for Fun?

You can play this game for fun at Casino Slotastic.

Can I Play Pulsar Slots for Real Money?

Just join Casino Slotastic for real money play.

How Have Players Scored this Game?

They gave it a rating of 1.

Have Players Won at Pulsar Slots?

Several players have won playing Pulsar Slots.

Is Pulsar Slots Available for Mobile Players?

Pulsar Slots is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Pulsar Slots is not traditional in that it lacks some standard features. I would recommend players practice playing the game at Casino Slotastic and, if likable, join the casino and play for real money.