Golden Glove Slots

Suppose you are into the sports game of baseball and simultaneously love to spin the reels of virtual slot machine titles to make high casino credit wins. In that case, Golden Glove Slots is the game you need to take a look at when you want to gamble and have fun at online casino platforms. This video slot reel spinner from the influential casino fruit machine developer Realtime Gaming (RTG) will allow you to hit it out of the park with very lucrative paytable wins and special bonus prizes. Check out the Golden Glove Slots game review below to learn more about this casino reel spinner's impressive win triggering features.

The Substitute Batter Symbol Will Help You Make Doubled Credit Wins

For this slot machine game, your substitute (wild) icon is a batter. This batter will only land on slot reel three and can replace other symbols in combinations. Unlike many wilds in other games, this substitute icon can even replace the glove scatter attribute. Due to its ability to replace symbols, the wild will give you an extra opportunity to spin win triggering combinations on the slot reel grid. What's more, you will even receive a doubled win when the wild batter symbol takes part in a successful symbol combination.

Play With Free Games in the Unique Home Run Bonus Feature

With the game's scatter symbol (a golden glove), you can trigger lots of free spins. A total of nine free games will be your award when you spin at least three gloves on the reel grid in the right to left or left to right order. While the free games bonus round is in play, the letters H, I, and T can appear on the slot machine's reels two, three, and four, respectively. When you manage to land a scattered "HIT" on the reel grid, you will receive a one, two, three, or four bases hit. Each runner will then complete a circuit and score a run. You will receive a prize that is twice the triggering wager for every run that takes place. Also, one game then accumulates towards the unique Grand Slam free games bonus feature. All wins other than the run bonus will be double while free games are in play. The Grand Slam feature becomes active after you finish the Home Run bonus round.

Greatly Multiply Casino Credit Wins During the Grand Slam Feature

While the Grand Slam feature is active, you receive rewards that come with a multiplier of five. You receive a prize of 5, 10, or no less than 100 times the triggering wager for every run that you score during Grand Slam game rounds. Keep in mind that the golden glove reel attribute will not appear on the reel grid during bonus feature rounds and that the wild batter icon will act as a substitute icon for the letter "I" on slot reel three. Lastly, you will play free games with the active win lines and the wager of the bonus round triggering the game.

Randomly Dropping Progressive Jackpots Can Trigger Life-Changing Wins

The Home Run feature and the Grand Slam feature will already give you a big bang for your bucks while you are spinning the reels of this slot machine game, but things get even better when the progressive jackpot also drops. This jackpot holds the combined value of wager contributions from real money Golden Glove Slots betters. That value becomes more over time until the progressive jackpot randomly drops after a reel-spinning round ends. If you are the lucky player who receives that jackpot reward, you can suddenly own a potentially life-changing gift. To see the progressive jackpot's current value, check the display that sits on top of the reel grid in the main game screen.

Make Credit Win Home Runs by Spinning the Reels of Golden Glove Slots

Make your next casino credit win home run by spinning the reels of Golden Glove Slots. You can find this entertaining, five-reel, three-row, and 20 pay lines delivering video slot in the entertainment lobbies of Realtime Gaming powered casino platforms. You have the option to either play this game in demo mode, in real money mode, or even mobile-friendly mode at online RTG casino platforms.